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Customer Relation Management (CRM)

In many cases it requires a re-engineering of how organizations measure and incorporate customer data into their strategic business decision-making. We recognize that each organization's needs are different, and that there are mixed views in the marketplace as to how much CRM is 'enough' and how much is 'too much'. Nextogen is a technology - neutral organization that can help your organization identify the right path to execute your CRM strategy. We can help you take your existing CRM environment to the next level or help you reassess why a scale-down may be the best route to embark upon. At Nextogen, we view Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an important investment for organizations.

Our deep extensive experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse technologies can help your organization do a thorough job of merging analytical and operational CRM to drive results.

CRM solutions include:

  • Customer Interaction Center  (CIC)
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Marketing / Campaign Management
  • Customer Service Management (CS)
  • E-commerce / Internet Sales (ISA)
  • Partner Channel Management
  • Customer and Sales Analytics

​CRM services include:

  • Business process assessment
  • Software package evaluation
  • Requirements definition
  • Implementation services
  • Data cleansing, data migration and integration services
  • Upgrades and enhancement services
  • Post-implementation services

The tools and processes we utilize are specifically designed to provide business with the ability to collect, analyze and share critical information across all enterprises.

Nextogen not only helps business leaders collect and measure the effectiveness of their CRM initiatives, but they also foster rapid development of strategic business plans based on the knowledge to be gleaned from such information.