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Nextogen is a cloud, automation & analytics led digital transformation company helping futurify businesses. We are a full scope systems integrator and cloud computing provider building innovative products and provide premier cloud advisory & consulting services. We help businesses move to cloud, build on cloud, adopt cloud – Helping re-imagine the cloud integrations for your workflow, automation, machine learning & related futuristic use cases. 

We help enterprises take the next step forward with applications, platforms, and transformation leveraging disruptive, best-of-breed Google technology. Our in-depth industry knowledge combined with Google Cloud’s offerings enables enterprises to adapt, innovate, and change the game with truly differentiated solutions. To be competitive today, enterprises need applications, platforms and technologies that can compete in a fully digital world. Companies must adapt, innovate and implement solutions today so they don’t find themselves behind their competitors tomorrow. With Google Cloud Platform, we offer a highly scalable, subscription-based platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of applications on the same powerful infrastructure that supports Hadoop Ecosystem, Big Data, Big tables, Big Data Analytics, etc.

We provide enterprise-grade cloud services that span the entire cloud life cycle. These services are part of our Cloud Choice approach to help you realize the full business potential of cloud. They include,
Advise services: we help you blueprint your cloud journey and define a business case
Align services: we rationalize, modernize, and re-platform your applications portfolio
Animate services: we provision, deploy, manage, and govern your IT estate – safely and securely

Why work with us?: 

  • Future Proof Infrastructure: Highly secure, global, high-performance, and cost-effective and constantly improving. Google cloud Platform has been built for the long haul.
  • Serverless, Just Code: Grow hassle free from prototype to production to planet-scale, without any need to think about capacity, reliability or performance with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Seriously Powerful Data & Analytics: Tap into big data from Google Cloud Platform to find answers to your queries faster and to build better products.
  • Focus on Building: You may have a preferred database, operating system, devops tool, or other application. We have integrated and optimized our clients technologies to work with Cloud Platform so you they spend more time coding and less time wiring things together.
  • Get Tailored Cloud Solutions: We combine technology with Cloud Platform to create magic. We offer complete solutions tailored to fit your industry, key workloads, company size, and level of expertise.
  • Build Faster and Better: We can augment your team. Need back end development support? An App Engine expert? Someone that knows the horticulture industry frontwards and backwards? We can help and can take you further.

Nextogen's support on Google cloud offerings:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • BigData
  • Machine Learning
  • Management Tools
  • Developers Tools
  • Identity & Security