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Nextogen positions itself besides QlikView® consulting as an expert for QlikView® add-ons and as a specialist for Business Intelligence solutions that integrate planning, analysis and reporting. In addition to developing own extensions and branch-solutions, we increasingly put our trust in powerful partners that provide considerable added value for users with their Business Intelligence solutions.

With QlikView and Nextogen, organizations can quickly unlock true insight into their data—enabling effective decision making based on clear and concise dashboards implemented in weeks, not months. The introduction of the meta-data governance tool QlikView Expressor®, enables Nextogen to use this rapidly unlocked insight on a scale not seen before. Using QlikView tools, Nextogen can consolidate your business rules to drive out a single version of the truth across all of your reporting toolsets. With this integral foundation we can only then begin to grow a meaningful Business Intelligence environment to maximize your potential for the present and future. As a leading industry expert Nextogen uses experienced people and proprietary accelerators to perform a management information audit and create a plan to
globally unify your data flows while supporting future management information needs. We have a Global Center of Excellence dedicated to developing QlikView tools, accelerators and methodologies specifically for our financial services clients to help execute on your plan.

Using Nextogen and the QlikView Business Discovery platform, our clients can,

  • Enhance accuracy of revenue, win-loss ratios, days sales outstanding (DSO) and resource utilization forecasting
  • Optimize operational efficiency and rapidly consolidate financial information to maximize working capital by geo and business units
  • Boost profitability of your project and IT service execution; proactively monitor projects and control service delivery costs
  • Remove cost through efficient management of physical assets, whether it is IT hardware or a fleet of vehicles
  • Improve accuracy and reduce administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis
  • Improve governance of risk, regulatory and compliance programs

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