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SAP is one of the Globes leading software vendor. They provide a varied software suite to suit all sections of an organization. The aligning of the applications to suit your business needs and maximize the ROI is the actual challenge and requires vast expertise. Nextogen has worked across the entire SAP suite and delivered innovative and cost effective solutions that are tailored to suit your business. Nextogen has provided SAP solutions across various verticals. Nextogen draws on a deep understanding of the industry, domain knowledge and technical capabilities to deliver best of breed solutions to improve our client's odds in the very competitive market.Majority of successful companies make use of information-centric enterprise applications to automate, maintain and assess and share information within the enterprise and supply chain.

Nextogen's strategy for delivering SAP programs for clients is, above all, business-value driven and structured to help clients in their journey to high performance. Often, this involves helping them leverage SAP technologies to create distinctive capabilities, their own unique formula for business success. With a value-led, asset-powered approach, we start by pinpointing our clients’ widely varying business goals and value drivers. We design programs that are tightly aligned with client business objectives, drive towards tangible, measurable business results and build the capabilities that allow them to sustain and extend business improvements. Wherever clients are positioned in the SAP life-cycle, we deliver the highest quality SAP solutions through our SAP practitioners, market-leading assets and methodologies, investments in research and innovation and long-standing alliance with SAP. Nextogen has the rare scope, breadth and objectivity to fulfill client needs, whether a straightforward technical implementation or an enterprise-wide transformational change.

Nextogen provides full life-cycle services for clients to realize substantial business benefits throughout their SAP deployments.

  • Upgrading and extending existing implementations
  • Integrating enterprise applications
  • Managing, optimizing and supporting SAP installations
  • Providing continuous business improvement to help maximize the SAP investment

Nextogen can ensure your project is successful through every phase of planning and implementation. Using our own project management methodologies and the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Methodology™, we provide full-service R/3 implementation and upgrade services that include:

  • ROI, Upgrade and 3rd Party Vendor Assessments; Project Planning / Management; Strategic Staff Augmentation; Requirements Definition; 
  • Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence; Modeling and Conference Room Pilots; Design and Development; 
  • Workflow and Business process reengineering; Change Management; Technology Infrastructure (hosting, networking, security and data management);
  • System Testing, Execution and Delivery;End User Training, System Support 

Some of the functional solutions for SAP include,

  • Business Intelligence: 

Nextogen has developed innovative business intelligence solutions that bring together business processes and SAP technology to retrieve, use and share information for better decision making. These solutions are instrumental in supporting competitive organizational initiatives such as corporate performance management, supply chain effectiveness and customer relationship management.

  • Customer Relationship Management:

The SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application provides the necessary flexibility to quickly develop distinctive capabilities and deliver superior customer experiences. SAP CRM drives rapid user adoption and productivity and provides quick time to value while supporting your strategic CRM initiative. It also delivers best-in-class, front-office functionality and support for end-to-end, industry-specific processes. The latest ideas surrounding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) extend far beyond isolated front-office applications for customer service or sales support. Today's requirements demand integrated total solutions that are closely connected to internal order processing procedures or that even establish links to Business intelligence (BI) / Supply Chain Management (SCM) and possibly include suppliers or sales partners. Projects for implementing suitable organizational structures and IT systems are therefore complex.

We provide consulting services to implement different scenarios in SAP CRM such as:

  1. CRM Sales Force Automaton (SFA)

  2. CRM Service

  3. E-commerce / CRM Internet Sales (ISA)

  4. Customer Interaction Center (CIC)

  5. Marketing / Campaign Management

  6. Integration of CRM with BI (CRM Analytics)

Enterprise Service-oriented Architecture and SAP NetWeaver Solutions:

Nextogen helps its clients optimize the potential of SAP NetWeaver, the technical foundation underneath all future SAP applications. The emergence of standards-based technologies such as Web services opens up new ways for organizations to increase speed to market, enhance flexibility and improve performance. At the same time, service-oriented architectures provide the means to design and build flexible IT solutions that enable business process components to be assembled and orchestrated more efficiently to create composite applications. SAP NetWeaver is the suite of enabling tools that meets the integration needs of composite applications.
This approach not only allows organizations to deliver distinctive business services—a key component of high performance—but also increased business agility, improved collaboration with suppliers and customers and faster time to market.
Nextogen excels in providing SAP Netweaver solutions such as:

  1. SAP Enterprise Portal

  2. Adobe Interactive Forms

  3. Visual Composer

  4. Web Dynpro developments for ABAP / Java.


SAP Utilities (IS-U) component is a sales and information system that supports all business processes and utility services of a utility company. You can use IS-U for managing and billing residential, commercial and industrial, and prospective customers. This component also allows you to manage and bill customers who receive services, purchase goods, or pay fees and taxes. The SAP IS-U component is well integrated with the Service Management (SM), Customer Service (CS) and Sales & Distribution (SD) application components.