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Data visualization is both an art and a science. The rate at which data is generated has increased, driven by an increasingly information-based economy. Data created by social media and an expanding number of sensors in the environment, such as satellites and traffic cameras, are referred to as “Big Data”. Processing, analyzing and communicating this data present a variety of ethical and analytical challenges for data visualization. Data visualization applications allow users to access, navigate, and report on a wide range of corporate data, typically to explain the current state of operations. These applications are developed using powerful tools that pull aggregated data captured by transaction systems. Nextogen approach enables clients to quickly create reports without understanding the underlying database language, connectivity, or functionality. The reports can then be distributed using a variety of methods, including subscription-based email or via posting to an online portal accessed through a corporate intranet or secure extranet.

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Everyone from executives to employees hopes to learn things from collected data that can help them make better decisions, take smarter actions and operate more efficiently. Regardless of the quantity of data you have, one of the best ways to discern important relationships is through advanced analysis and high-performance data visualization. Analysis can be performed more quickly, efficiently and results are presented in ways that particular analytical tasks such as making comparisons, allowing querying and exploration, people across all levels in your organization can make faster, more effective decisions.

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